Norfolk Island Data Services is the TLD manager for the .nf ccTLD.

Norfolk Island Data Services
706 Collins Head Rd.
South Pacific 2899
Norfolk Island

The the .nf ccTLD is run on the 3R model with competion at the registrar level and a single Shared Registry System (SRS). The SRS used by NIDS complies with applicable ICANN and IETF standards


Feb 22nd, 2024 | RDAP server available https://rdap.nic.nf

Feb 20th, 2024 | NIDS Blocking Support


The NF ccTLD has adopted the CoCCA Complaint Resolution Service (CRS). The CoCCA CRS provides a transparent, efficient and cost effective way for the public, law enforcement, regulatory bodies, and intellectual property owners to have their concerns regarding use of a TLD managers services addressed.

The CoCCA CRS addresses not only rights to a particular domain but also the registrant's use of that domain. Policies apply recursively, and are applicable not only to the domains in the registry but apply equally to any subordinate domain created by the registrant.

The registrants' licence to use a domain requires them to comply with the applicable AUP, a failure to do so or remedy an AUP breach if requested, may result in a suspension of a domain and its removal from the zone.

Any party who believes a domain name registrant has violated a participating TLD manager’s AUP must provide a formal complaint in order for CoCCA to investigate and evaluate the claim or complaint.

Complaint Form

If you have an urgent complaint regarding the distribution of child abuse images in the .nf ccTLD please lodge a complaint with both law enforecment and the Internet Watch Foundation. The IWF and/or Law enforcment will confrim the issue and notify CoCCA ( the NIDS register services provider) for possible action.

In cases where CoCCA or NIDS has a technical or legal capacity, we will act swiftly on an IWF notice without the need for a formal complaint using the CRS above.

To lodge a complaint email crs@coccaregistry.org


  • Data regarding registrants in the .NF ccTLD may be collected and stored in the EU
  • Following the principle of data minimisation, data on only one contact (the Registrant) is required. Registrars are not required to lodge Administrative Contact, Billing Contact, or Technical contact information with the Registry.
  • Data is stored as a Contact Object in the Registry. Effective July 2020, unless specifically requested by the Data Subject, Contact Objects are to be purged seven (7) years after they cease to be linked to a domain object.
  • The designated TLD manager, CoCCA staff, law enforcement and the controlling registrar all have access to Contact Objects in the registry.
  • Data stored in Contact Objects will, if required, be used to identify and communicate with the individual responsible for compliance with TLD policy, applicable public policy and legislation.
  • If the Contact Object contains personal information on an EU Data Subject, the personal information it is redacted from WHOIS. If the Contact Object contains information on an Organisation the information may be redacted.
  • Data submitted and maintained in the registry is secured in transit using TLS 1.2 and where applicable and required, encrypted in the registry database.